For the latest information regarding technology support for the Coronavirus situation, please visit UCI TechPrep.

Remote Computer Access

Due to COVID-19, OIT Instructional and Drop-in computer labs remain closed for in-person use until further notice. Several labs are available for remote access use and the Virtual Computing Lab is also still available.

Remote Labs

Remote Computer Access allows students and instructors to remotely connect to the OIT lab computers from off-campus (i.e home). 

The following labs are available for remote access during Fall 2020 quarter.


MSTB 210

NS1 2144

NS1 3112

Software available in these labs include the Microsoft Office Suite (Powerpoint, Word, Excel), ArcGIS, Eviews, Matlab, and SPSS to name a few. Please visit the Computer Lab Software List.

How to connect to OIT lab computer from off-campus


  • For PC, Remote Desktop Connection is required which is already built in on Windows 10.
  • For MacOS Computers, Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 needs to be installed (simplest method). You may also try to connect from within Windows on your Mac if it is running Windows in an emulator, e.g. VirtualBox or Parallels (not recommended), or you have Apple Bootcamp installed and have rebooted into Windows.

Steps to Connect:

  1. Connect to UCI VPN from your home laptop or desktop.  You will need to download and install the UCI VPN software if you have not already done so.  You MUST be connected to the UCI VPN in order to access a Campus Computer Lab machine remotely.
  2. Use your web browser to go to UCI Remote Computer Access and click ‘Connect’ on an available computer from the list.
  3. You will be prompted to download an RDP file.  This file is necessary to connect to the Campus Lab computer.  You may either open it directly or save it to your hard drive and double-click the file after opening.  For Mac Computers:  You WILL need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 BEFORE you can open or double-click the file.
  4. You may be prompted by a popup window that this is an “untrusted connection” and you will be asked if you wish to continue anyway.  Do not be alarmed. Click “Connect” or “Connect Anyway.”
  5. Sign in with your UCInetID and Password. Remember to sign out when finished.

For more detailed instructions and information, please check the OIT Knowledge Base Article on how to connect remotely to a lab computer.

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