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Mailman Administration

We have gathered the following information to help you administer your Mailman Lists.

How do I administer my Mailman mailing list?

  1. Go to for a list of publicly advertised lists.
  2. Click on the link to your list and login with the admin password.
  3. If you have forgotten this password, Please contact the Create a Ticket.

How do I change the name of my existing Mailman list?

Requests for changes should be sent to postmaster at

NOTE: Mailman does not provide a simple mechanism to rename a list.

Our procedure to change a mailing list name is as follows:

  1. A new list is created with the same settings
  2. Subscribers from the old list are copied over to the new list.
  3. Email sent to the old list name is forwarded to the new list for six months.
  4. The list owner is responsible for communicating the name change to the list members.
  5. The previous mailing list is de-activated.
  6. Archives from the previous list will remain for as long as necessary based on the list owners requirements.

Where can I get more instructions for Mailman lists?

A detailed handout for mailing list administrators is available for download in PDF format.

What is the default configuration for Mailman lists at UCI?

Public Lists

Anyone subscribed to the list can send to it with replies going to the sender. Lists are publicly advertised and appear on the UCI list of mailing lists.


Mailing Lists are not archived by default.

Replies to Mailing List

By default, replies are sent to the Sender.

Password Reminders

Password reminders are sent to members each month.

General Description:

A short phrase identifying the list. This description is used when the mailing list is listed with other mailing lists, or in headers, and so forth. It should be as succinct as you can get it, while still identifying the purpose of the list.

General Information

An introductory description – a few paragraphs – about the list. It will be included, as html, at the top of the listinfo page. Carriage returns will end a paragraph – see the details for more info. The text will be treated as html except that new lines will be translated to <br> – so you can use links, preformatted text, etc, but don’t put in carriage returns except where you mean to separate paragraphs.

Make sure to review your changes – bad html (like some unterminated HTML constructs) can prevent display of the entire listinfo page.