UCI Lightpath Network


UCI Lightpath is a high-speed network infrastructure on the UCI campus, dedicated for data intensive researchers for fast data transfer within and beyond the campus.

It is composed of a Science DMZ [1]  with a 10Gbps connection to the science and research community on the Internet, and a dedicated 10 Gbps network infrastructure on campus.

The initial infrastructure covers eight locations on campus including the OIT Data Center where computing clusters, such as HPC and Greenplanet reside.

UCI Lightpath is funded by the NSF CC-NIE Grant to UC Irvine in 2014 [2].  It is a separate network infrastructure in addition to the existing campus network (UCINet.)

UCI Lightpath Diagram

UCI Lightpath Expansion

If funding is provided, UCI Lightpath can be extended to other locations on campus where needed for big data transfer.

Access Policy

Download the UCI Lightpath Access Policy (PDF)

Advisory Committee Members


Please send your inquires to UCI-Lightpath-Request@uci.edu


[1] https://fasterdata.es.net/science-dmz/

[2] National Science Foundation Campus Cyberinfrastructure – Network Infrastructure Engineering Program (CC-NIE). NSF #ACI-1341038