UCI Subdomain Guidelines

Guidelines for assignment of UCI Top Level Network Subdomains

If you would like a top level UCI sub domain (xxxx.uci.edu), read the guidelines below before sending your request.


Top-level “subdomains” (TLSD’s) are defined as the highest naming level within the “uci.edu” network domain. Sub-domains are represented as xxx.uci.edu — for example, communications.uci.edu, bio.uci.edu, etc.

Assignment of top-level subdomains is administered by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Except as noted below, the existence of a particular top-level subdomain implies that the entity represented is an organization, program, activity, or service which is officially recognized at the campus-level separately from any other single organization, program, activity, or service.

The campus-level status of an organization, program, activity, or service is determined by its position within campus organizational structure or by the recognition of its campus-level status by university policy or official designation.

Academic departments have top-level ‘uci.edu’ domains at the request of the School in which they are located.

Criteria for top-level subdomain status

  • An official UCI school, department, or other campus-level organizational unit.
  • An officially recognized campus or University level research entity as listed on the Office of Research web page: http://www.research.uci.edu/centers-institutes/index.html
    (Note: The domain names for School Centers fall within the domain of the host School and do not meet the criteria for top-level subdomain status.)
  • A campus-wide program or service that does not belong within an existing UCI subdomain, or is most appropriately represented as a campus-wide activity based upon endorsement of this status from multiple campus entities collaboratively sponsoring the program or service. Existing UCI subdomains within which an entity may fall include clubs.uci.edu, event.uci.edu, program.uci.edu, and web.uci.edu.

Criteria for top-level subdomain names

The name of a top-level ‘uci.edu’ subdomain must be based on that of the officially recognized entity, activity, or service and must identify that entity, activity, or service in a manner which minimizes the possibility of confusion with other campus entities, activities, or services. Only one top-level ‘uci.edu’ subdomain name will be assigned to any qualifying entity, activity, or service.

Requesting a top-level subdomain

Typically the person(s) directly in charge of the entity or activities the top-level subdomain being requested. Where the campus-level status is a reflection of sponsorship by multiple campus entities, appropriate individuals from each of those entities should be included as sponsors of the request.
Identification and description of the organization, program, activity, or service for which a top-level subdomain is requested.
If the requested sub-domain is not available or unadvisable for any reason (e.g., a confusing or ambiguous acronym, a name which is part of the name of multiple campus entities or applies to multiple campus-level activities), please supply some alternatives.

Top-level subdomain approval process

The allocation of new subdomains is subject to the approval of OIT, in consultation with appropriate campus officials. Once the request has been reviewed and approved, DNS (Domain Name Service) will be updated.