A Universal Change To Duration of Outlook Meetings

Beginning on Thursday, July 15, default meeting time settings on all UCI Microsoft Outlook accounts will be changed. Any new meetings scheduled in the Outlook calendar, will now default to 25 minutes and 50 minutes, instead of the legacy 30 and 60 minute options previously provided. 

Doing so will help address meeting fatigue, and will allow attendees to briefly recharge between scheduled meetings. The change also supports the transition back to on-campus work by allowing time to physically move between meetings.

New default view for meetings:

Options when you schedule a meeting:

The previous standards of 30 and 60 minutes are still available, but users are encouraged to help promote the wellbeing of all UCI employees by using the shorter defaults and ending meetings on time.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the UCI Employee Experience Center (EEC) at 949.824.0500 or eec@uci.edu.