Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive for work and school accounts is an online storage space in the cloud and has been approved for use for UCI data by UCOP and the UCI Information Security team. All UCI Microsoft Office 365 users have access to 5 TB of storage in Microsoft OneDrive.

OneDrive Individual Migration Infographic. Links to PDF

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Your local files (desktop, documents, & pictures) will be soon be migrated from on-premise file servers to cloud-based, Microsoft OneDrive.

For most people, the experience will remain almost identical, with the exception that all of these files will now be automatically housed in the cloud, instead of locally. Access to the local files will still be available for most files unless sync is manually turned off.

Staff and faculty with information classified as either P3 or P4, that is currently housed in any of the locations listed above, will need to take a few extra steps to ensure this specific information is not automatically synced.

Learn how to unsync P3 and P4 data.


Key Features of Microsoft OneDrive

  • Secure Storage
    Safely upload, store, and download files in a secure cloud-based location and access them from anywhere, including your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Securely Collaborate
    Securely share files and give others permission to edit files and work on them at the same time.
  • Capacity
    5 TB of storage in Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive Account Types

OneDrive Individual 

Each Microsoft 365 user has their own individual storage area.

Example: OIT Managed users will have their Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders synchronized with OneDrive Individual.

OneDrive Shared Document Library: UCI Internal Sharing

Can be set up to store internally shared files.

Example: OIT Managed units will have their unit folders moved from the managed file server into a OneDrive Shared Document Library.

OneDrive Shared Document Library: External File Sharing

Can be set up to store both internal and external collaborative files.

Example: Units who have a need to share files with contacts or sources outside of UCI will have a OneDrive Shared Document Library with external sharing enabled.

Webfiles to OneDrive



An active UCI Microsoft Office 365 account


No additional charge


Faculty, Staff