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New UC-wide Zoom Agreement for Video, Web, and Audio Conferencing

  • If you are eager to get started, first check “Who already has Zoom?” below.

What is Zoom?

Zoom Education is a video, audio and web conferencing service accessible by the internet (computers, tablets, smartphones) and telephone.  Each conference session has one or more hosts and participants.  Only hosts need have Zoom accounts. Participants do not need Zoom accounts. Zoom capabilities include the following (see the Zoom website for further information):

  • Audio from all participants.
  • Camera video from all participants with cameras.
  • Screen sharing, full or selected window/application with internet connections.
  • Parallel text chat of participants with internet connections.
  • Recording of both video and audio of sessions.
  • Meeting/session scheduling with links to various calendaring systems.
  • Customize your Meeting ID number to your 10-digit UCI phone number. Always remember it!

Who already has Zoom?

Zoom at UCI

OIT-supported departments if not listed belowoit@uci.edu(949)824-2222
Admissions & Relations with Schoolsendo@uci.edu(949)824-6704
Applied Innovationdavid.thai@uci.edu(949)333-9220
Claire Trevor School of the Artsartshelp@uci.edu(949)824-6691
Continuing Education (UNEX)unex-helpdesk@exchange.uci.edu(949)824-3776
Division of Finance & Administration and member departmentswcluna@uci.edu
Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE)oit@uci.edu(949)824-2222
Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Scienceshelpdesk@ics.uci.edu(949)824-4222
Henry Samueli School of Engineeringlhtran@uci.edu(949)824-3452
Human Resourcesrommj@uci.edu(949)824-7135
Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS)wuf@uci.edu(714)456-3621
Internal Auditoit@uci.edu(949)824-2222
Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversityoit@uci.edu(949)824-2222
Office of Information Technologyoit@uci.edu(949)824-2222
Office of Researchtmeyers@uci.edu(949)824-7295
OVPTL - Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learningthackerj@uci.edu(949)824-2040
Paul Merage School of Businessmeragetech@uci.edu(949)824-4537
Planning & Budgetjclacken@uci.edu(949)824-7677
Program in Public Healthpmoua@uci.edu(949)824-9730
Public Records Officeoit@uci.edu(949)824-2222
Radiation Oncologymichelkl@uci.edu(714)566-8074
School of Biological Sciencesmrm@uci.edu(949)824-8832
School of Educationeducation-tech-services@uci.edu(949)824-5537
School of Humanitiesdwayne.pack@uci.edu(949)824-5274
School of Lawhelp@law.uci.edu(949)824-1434
School of Medicine(949)824-3434
School of Nursing(949)824-3434
School of Physical Sciencespscsg@ps.uci.edu(949)824-6377
School of Physical Sciencespscsg@ps.uci.edu(949)824-6377
School of Social Ecologyse.computing@uci.edu(949)824-8202
School of Social Scienceshelpdesk@socsci.uci.edu(949)824-5476
Strategic Communicationsmelissa.rickenback@uci.edu(949)824-3145
Student Affairssait-oithelp@uci.edu(949)824-1786
UC Pathcurranl@uci.edu(949)824-3694
UCI Health(949)824-3434
UCI Librarieslibit@uci.edu(949)824-8535
University Advancementhmin2@uci.edu(949)824-7381
These schools & departments have Zoom Administrative accounts/ blocks of users.

Contact your local IT help desk if you are part of these groups.

How does one get a Zoom education account?

(if you are not part of the groups above)

Zoom Education accounts are bought and locally administered (as part of a “Zoom Administrative Account”) in blocks starting with a block of 20 or more.  The annual cost per account is $8.49, (effective 10-10-2019)  so the minimum initial purchase of 20 costs a total of $169.80/year. Each host has unlimited use.

To establish a Zoom Administrative Account under the UC contract, contact Zoom’s UC account executive Michele Fairbank michele.fairbank@zoom.us, 805-248-7282. Identify yourself as a UC Irvine customer.  She will ask for financial information to establish a Zoom Administrative Account. Once the account is established you can set up your 20 users.

Paid vs. free accounts

Free Zoom accounts are limited to 40 minute conferences.  Also, certain advanced features, like being able to schedule a meeting for someone else, and customized meeting IDs, are only available with a paid plan.

Accounts can be moved between different people so one could have 20 Zoom Education accounts and 15 free accounts for 35 people with only 20 people at any one time benefiting from the customization and absence of the 40 minute limit on sessions that holders of Zoom Education accounts enjoy.

What additional features are available?

  • Toll-free Audio Conferencing.  Participants can dial-in to a toll-free (“800”) telephone number with the host paying for the cost of the call.
  • Meeting Capacity Add-ons.  These increase the number of connections allowed per session beyond the 300 included in the basic package. (participant increase to 300 effective June, 2019)
  • Zoom Webinar.  Webinars allow only hosts and panelists to share audio, video and screens as opposed to meetings where all participants can share these things.
  • Zoom Rooms. Software-based collaboration for conference room.
  • H.323/SIP Room Connector. Connects Zoom sessions with traditional H.323/SIP conference room systems.

For pricing, see the UC price list, as opposed to generic Zoom pricing online.

What headsets and cameras does OIT suggest be used with Zoom?

In order to use the Zoom’s audio and video meeting capabilities, you will need a headset or webcam. If your computer does not natively have one, OIT suggests the following devices:

  • Logitech Clearchat Comfort/USB Headset H390
  • Jabra UC Voice 550 Duo
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
  • Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 Webcam

Zoom also has a list of recommended devices located here: Zoom Webcam suggestions

How will my experience using ReadyTalk change when I use Zoom?

As an online communication and collaboration tool, Zoom provides video, web, and audio conferencing (both device-based and phone) capabilities. Additional features include the ability to create instant meetings, record and download conference sessions, schedule Zoom meetings through Outlook or Google calendars, share your screen with others, annotate notes in real-time and send chat messages privately and to the entire online group.

What are the main differences between ReadyTalk and Zoom?

ReadyTalk was primarily used for phone conferencing by individuals. Zoom allows for much more functionality as each license includes web-based audio and video conferencing for up to 100 attendees at once. Which means Zoom can be more widely used by campus faculty and staff for meetings, collaboration with colleagues and online office hours.

About Toll-Free numbers

The use of toll-free phone numbers requires that the call host pay toll charges for all participants. With ReadyTalk, the license holder paid the toll and toll-free cost for all participants.

By default, Zoom uses web-based audio conferencing (using your computer to connect) at no charge over the Internet for all users. OIT encourages users to connect by computer or smartphone app whenever possible. Participants who connect by phone may incur toll charges depending upon individual data plans.

To support Zoom adoption as a UC standard, OIT will cover the toll charge of any (949)82x campus phone connecting to Zoom via one of these Zoom numbers:  408-638-0968, 415-762-9988, 646-558-8656, 646-876-9923, 669-900-6833. This was effective on November 1, 2016.

Zoom has toll-free calling available as an extra-cost option that departments may choose to purchase.


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