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Saturday July 26th, 2014

UCInetID Information

Summary: Information about the creation and life cycle of UCInetIDs in the campus Identity Management System.

UCInet Definition

A UCInetID is a name-based identifier that is comprised of parts of a persons full name. For example, Benjamin H. Franklin might be assigned the UCInetID "bhfrankl" if it is not already assigned to someone else.

Our user documentation provides more specific end-user information about UCInetIDs. There is also a FAQ about UCInetIDs.


A UCInetID is created for an individual using the alogrithm described below during our nightly processing of identity data that is obtained from various sources. Administrative Computing provides data from the Payroll Personnel System (PPS). The University Registrar's office provides OIT with student identity data for all currently enrolled students. UCI Extension provides data for Extension and Summer Session students. Identity information for sponsored guest UCInetIDs is collected by OIT directly.

Identity matching between the different sources of data will sometimes fail which results in duplicate entries. Students are not required to provide their Social Security Number to UCI and the PPS system does not collect student ID numbers from student employees. We can only match student employees with their registrar record based on their name and birth date which are not always entered into both systems correctly or exactly the same.

UCInetID Assignment Alogrithm

The assignment alorithm attempts to create a unique name-based identifier using a persons first, middle, and last names or parts thereof.

The algorithm attempts to create a unique UCInetID using the following series of name component combinations until an unallocated UCInetID is found:

Note: UCInetIDs are currently limited to eight characters, however, we are planning on increasing this limit to as many as 64 characters in the future.

Using UCInetIDs as primary keys

Please note that we do not recommend using UCInetIDs as the primary key in a database table. People change their name, when they get married, or divorced, for example. We accept requests to change their UCInetID to match their new name. Since UCInetIDs are subject to change, we do not recommend they be used as a key. If you do store UCInetID in your database, make sure that you will be able to increase the length up to 64 characters as we are planning to do.

CampusID: a unique and permanent identifier.

Because other identification numbers may not be available to all applications, for example, student ID, or employee ID, and because the UCInetID that we provide each person may change, OIT maintains CampusID, a permanent, unique numeric identifier for every identity managed in our system. If a UCI affiliate leaves the university, and then returns later, they are assigned the same CampusID that they had initially.

UCnetID: a unique and permanent system-wide identifier for employees

Based on data maintained in each campus identity mangement database, UCOP assigns a unique numerical identifier to every employee in the UC system called a UCnetID. This identifier was once known as a UDirID when it was defined as a part of a system-wide directory project. Students are also assigned a UCnetID based on information sent by the campus registrars. However, due to the lack of identity matching data, namely social security numbers, for every entry, there are duplicate assignements so they cannot be relied upon for students.

Public Directory Information

Some directory information is considered public and is made available through our directory lookup page. Other information such as ID numbers, social security number, which is stored in an encrypted format, and birth date is used for identity matching between the various sources of identity information. Students may choose whether or not to release their home address, electronic mail address, or for the directory system to not return any information about them. Employee information is released except under rare circumstances where we are asked to withold publishing it. A printed telephone directory is created annually that contains all of the publicly releasable information about our Faculty, Staff, and Students.


Each person who is represented in the campus Identity Management system has one or more affiliations associated with their entry. Current affiliations include: Faculty, Staff, Employee, Retiree, Student, Former Student, Alumni, Group, and Guest.

Life Cycle

A UCInetID may have a variety of different affiliations associated with it as a persons affiliation with UCI changes over time. For example, many current and former students are now employed by UCI. Here is a description of the most common life cycles in our identity management system:


Students are assigned a UCInetID when they apply for admission to UCI. Their affiilation is initially set to applicant. Once they are accepted and are assessed fees by the Registrar's office, their affiliation is updated to include student.

If a student becomes employed by UCI, the affiliation of employee is included as an addtional affilation in their identity management record.

A student who is not listed in the Registrar's data for one year will be given the former_student affiliation and will lose their student affiliation and associated services available only to current students.

When a student graduates, they become elligible to activate their Alumni UCInetID. Once activated, their affiliation is updated to include alumni and they will remain in the campus IdM system indefinitely. Note: Alumni affiliates are provided with email forwarding services, but not an email mailbox account.


Employees are assigned a UCInetID when they are hired and are assigned an affiliation of employee.

If an employee becomes a student while they are employed, their affiliation is updated to include the additional affiliation of student while they are an enrolled student.

When an employee leaves the University, after a 90-day grace period, their UCInetID and associated directory entry are moved into the hold database and they are no longer included in the campus online or printed directories and are no longer elligible for services that are authenticated using UCInetIDs.

When an employee retires, and notifies the Center for Emeriti & Retirees that they would like to keep their UCInetID, their affiliation becomes retiree and they will remain in the campus IdM system indefinitely. Upon retiring, their last title is maintained in the directory with the word "Retired" appended. Email forwarding services will continue to be provided.

Sponsored Guests

Sponsored Guest UCInetIDs have the affiliation of guest in our identity management system. Sponsored Guest UCInetIDs must be renewed by their sponsor annually and are moved to the hold database and removed from the active identity management system when they expire.