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Thursday July 24th, 2014


What is a UCInetID?

Your UCInetID is your key to online services at the University of California, Irvine. Many online services, including SNAP, WebFiles, Webmail and OIT Mailbox Services, EEE, WebReg, and numerous others, require you to use your UCInetID and password in order to log in.

Your UCInetID is for your individual use only. You should not share your password with anybody else. OIT offers sponsored UCInetIDs and group UCInetIDs for special situations.

Use of your UCInetID, or any network resources at UCI, constitutes acceptance of the UCI Computer and Network Use Policy

UCInetID Security

Lock IconIf somebody else knows your UCInetID and password, they can redirect your electronic mail or access and abuse services under your name. Choose a secure password, and treat it as you would any other important piece of your identity information.

You should also be careful when using public or shared computers, borrowing a computer from an acquaintance, or using public wireless networking. If you use a computer whose security status you cannot verify or have traveled and used your UCInetID, it is a good idea to change any passwords entered after you return to your own computer.

Types of UCInetIDs

Individual UCInetIDs

The most important type of UCInetIDs are individual UCInetIDs, granted to each member of the faculty, staff, and student population at UCI. For the duration of your relationship with UCI, you will use your individual UCInetID regularly to access important online services.

Faculty and staff with guests coming to campus, especially for an extended period, will want to create sponsored UCInetIDs for their guests. Sponsored UCInetIDs offer your guests full access to UCI electronic services for a number of academic quarters specified by you. At expiration, you are offered the opportunity to extend the sponsored UCInetID for additional time. You are responsible for ensuring that your guests act in accordance with the UCI Computer and Network Use Policy and other relevant policies at all times.

Group UCInetIDs

Sometimes, groups of faculty or staff need shared access to a resource or service. OIT offers group UCInetIDs to support this requirement, and to avoid a situation in which users need to share their passwords with one another. There is a nominal monthly departmental recharge for group UCInetIDs.


UCI Graduates may sign up for Lifetime E-mail Forwarding. Alumni also retain their current UCInetID indefinitely for use in accessing UCI services including StudentAccess.

Third Party UCInetIDs

For users who do not have another affiliation with UCI, the Third Party UCInetID is an account they can create to use UCI's Web Authentication system (WebAuth) to access applications to which they are granted access.


UCInetID Secure Web Login


Many web-based resources at UCI take advantage of the WebAuth service. WebAuth is a Web Single Sign-On (SSO) service that enables you to use a variety of different online services at UCI without having to login multiple times. Because WebAuth uses your UCInetID and password, you also are saved the hassle of having to remember a number of different passwords.