Types of UCInetIDs

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Individual UCInetIDs

The most common type are individual UCInetIDs, granted to each member of the faculty, staff, and student population at UCI. For the duration of your relationship with UCI, you will use your UCInetID regularly to access important online services.

Faculty, staff, and students are automatically assigned a UCInetID when entered in the payroll system or enrolled in classes. Every UCInetID must be activated  before it can be used. The activation process allows you to identify yourself and establish a private password.

Sponsored UCInetIDs

An employee who will have a GUEST coming to campus, especially for an extended period, will need to create a Sponsored UCInetID for the guest. A Sponsored UCInetID offers a guest full access to UCI electronic services for a period of time specified by you. At expiration, you are offered the opportunity to extend the Sponsored UCInetID for additional time. You are responsible for ensuring that your guest acts in accordance with the UCI Computer and Network Use Policy and other relevant policies at all times.

Group UCInetIDs

Sometimes, groups of faculty or staff need shared access to a resource or service. OIT offers group UCInetIDs to support this requirement, and to avoid a situation in which users need to share their passwords with one another. There is a nominal monthly departmental recharge for group UCInetIDs.

Alumni UCInetIDs

UCI Graduates may sign up for Lifetime E-mail Forwarding. Alumni also retain their current UCInetID indefinitely for use in accessing UCI services including StudentAccess.

Third Party UCInetIDs

For users who do not have another affiliation with UCI (such as parents and guardians), the Third Party UCInetID (TPID) is an account they can create to use UCI’s Web Authentication system (WebAuth) to access applications to which they are granted access.

Currently, the *only* system that will work with a TPID is the Guest Access Portal on the Zotaccount website. This is where parents and guardians can view (but not pay) their child's itemized tuition bill.

Please do NOT apply for a Third Party UCInetID for any other reason.