Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams ("Teams" for short, formerly Skype for Business) is a multipurpose application which can be used for instant messaging, collaborating on documents, and more.  Teams can show who among your co-workers is currently available to chat or collaborate. You can even create 'channels' for certain members of your department to discuss certain topics and/or collaborate on special projects.

Teams is more than a chat tool.  Teams is part of the Office 365 suite, so it coordinates seamlessly with your calendar and OneDrive. You can communicate one-on-one or with ad-hoc groups (similar to a group text message).  Conversations are persistent (archived) and you can use Teams through your browser, or as a desktop or mobile app.

Key Features of Teams

  • Person to person communication
  • Team based collaboration
  • Coordination with other Microsoft Suite tools
  • Ad-hoc groups
  • Persistent conversations
  • Mobile Apps

How to get Teams

If you already have an Office 365 (UCI Exchange) account, you can already access Teams, from your web browser, or by installing the desktop or mobile app. (If you have an OIT managed Desktop, you may already have Teams installed.)

How to use Teams

Teams Training

Contact us to schedule a Microsoft Teams training session for your unit!

Teams Quick Start Guide

Download this quick start guide to learn the basics.

Getting Started with Teams

This short tour will introduce to the main features and functionality of Teams.

Training Videos

Training resources to help you get the most out of Teams.

In App Help

Teams has a wealth of help videos and guides within the app. Simply click the Help icon in the left sidebar.

Help Icon for MS Teams