We Heard You

Changes OIT is making based on YOUR feedback
from the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey

FeedbackWhat OIT is Doing
Improve Search in ZotPortalWe are investigating predictive search to see if this is possible and feasible.
We are running weekly reports of top search terms and adjusting key matches accordingly.
Streamline Security RequestsWe have created new ServiceNow request forms to simplify requesting services and improving communication with the OIT Security Team.
Improved Software Licensing InformationWe will create knowledge base articles with public licensing information making them easier to find and keep up to date.
More Self Help InformationWe will be consolidating all of our knowledge base articles in Service Now and will make them easy to find on the OIT website.
Complexity of KFSKFS Training Classes
The Accounting department holds regular in-person training classes in addition to online training. Registration is available through UCLC.
Continual Improvements to KFSWe regularly release new enhancements to the Kuali Financial System (KFS) to simplify the process and fix errors.
Facilities Management PortalThe Facilities Management Self Service portal now works with more browsers including Firefox and Chrome, in addition to Internet Explorer.
Improve Delivery Time for New Employee O365 Email AccountsWe have automated the process to create new accounts. New Office 365 and Active Domain (AD) accounts are created within 24 hours of new employees entering the payroll system.
Simplify Service RequestsWe’ve made Voicemail Passcode Reset requests easier with a direct Service Now form. More request forms are in development.
Improve Customer Communication
We will be reviewing open tickets on a regular basis to make sure they are updated with descriptive information for the clients.
Server Request ImprovementsWe are re-engineering the server request and provisioning process with a focus on streamlining the process and identifying bottlenecks.
Default Employee Email Delivery
New employees no longer have Enterprise Services (IMAP) email accounts created as the default. They may now choose from available options.
Follow Up on ResolutionOn Service Now tickets that are closed and re-opened by the client, we will follow up to ensure that the issue was resolved to the client’s satisfaction.
Transition Plans for Canvas in EEEWe are implementing a transparency plan that includes publicly accessible content with quarterly updates featuring current highlights and future plans for EEE tools and services.
OIT Computer Labs ImprovementsWe will be using the Quarterly Classroom Technology Survey to include questions about the OIT Computer Labs. We will use the survey data to make adjustments to lab and classroom AV and IT environments throughout the year.

Help us continue to improve.

The next OIT Customer Satisfaction Survey will be held in Fall 2017.
Look for an email in Fall 2017 with more information.