We Heard You

Changes OIT is making based on YOUR feedback
from the 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey

FeedbackWhat OIT is Doing
I have too many passwords to remember.We have provided a secure password vault service: LastPass Enterprise.
It's hard to use the campus directory.We have upgraded the directory to include the fuzzy-search capability developed by the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science.
Data Warehouse and Cognos are hard to learn.We are improving our website, producing short training videos, adding new features to DWQuery, and supporting Tableau for data visualization.
We want live chat for the Help Desk.We are investigating a seamless integration of chat functionality with our service portal.
It's hard to find information on the OIT website.We are undertaking a re-design to improve access to key or popular areas of the website.
Kuali Research times out and I lose work.In partnership with the Office of Research, we have increased the web browser timeout settings to reduce information loss.
Requests to Facilities Management should be easier.In partnership with Facilities Management, we have introduced a simplified user interface for Request Central.
The Research Management System is hard to use.In partnership with the Office of Research, we are deploying the latest version of Tick@Lab which includes significant user experience improvements.
Ordering Telephone and Network Services should be easier.We improved the telephone and network ordering process by moving from a multipurpose form to service-specific forms with clearer instructions.
Office 365 and Exchange documentation is incomplete.We will improve Office 365 service end-user documentation.
WiFi coverage needs improvement in some areas.We are improving WiFi coverage by replacing older access points on campus with higher performance models as well as expanding coverage in student areas with the support of eTech.
Canvas needs better documentation and increased support.Common instructor questions will have answers in ServiceNow, and a direct business-hours phone line to Canvas support staff has been established.