OIT Pinnacle Billing System


In August 2017, OIT replaced its 25-year-old Telephone Billing System with a new billing system called Pinnacle.

To review your billing statements, you will access Pinnacle directly rather than using EDL.  EDL will remain available for several years to allow access to past telecommunication bills.

The initial set of users who will have access to Pinnacle will be the KFS fiscal officers identified in KSAMS.  Other users may be given access upon request.  Information on accessing Pinnacle for the first time and basic usage instructions can be found in the OIT Help Center.

For questions about access to Pinnacle, please contact the OIT Help Desk (oit@uci.edu, x42222).  Questions about use of Pinnacle or the content of telecommunications billing reports should be directed to OIT Business Services.

Visit this page to get updates on timelines, milestones, new features, and new reports in the OIT Pinnacle Billing System.