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The Office of Information Technology provides information security services to the University of California, Irvine. If you need to contact the Security Team, please call the OIT Help Desk at (949) 824-2222, send an email to oit@uci.edu, or you may open a ticket.

A Note to UCI Webmasters about upcoming changes to Google Chrome

Beginning in October, Chrome version 62 and above will display a “Not Secure” warning when a user enters text into forms on any website that is not HTTPS. (You can see an example of the “Not Secure” message here). Many visitors to UCI web sites will be using Chrome.  The “Not Secure” message may alarm them and they may question the security and legitimacy of these “Not Secure” sites.

The recommended solution is to migrate to HTTPS. This will prevent Chrome’s “Not Secure” message from appearing. OIT offers an SSL certificate service through InCommon. More information can be found at https://security.uci.edu/ssl-cert.html.

The OIT Security teams provides technical documentation on how to request an SSL certificate for a webserver, including guidance on how to install the certificate.

For more detailed information about this issue and other Security issues, please visit their website at https://security.uci.edu.

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