OIT Recharge Services

Academic Computing Software

Software can often be obtained at discounted rates through University license agreements. Software includes ArcGIS, JMP, Labview, Matlab, SAS and SPSS. Before purchasing software, check with your local computing support or search the OIT Software Catalog.

Academic Computing Software Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
ARCGIS - Instruction LABS$125/year$125/yearRecharge
ARCGIS - LABS SERVER$200-225/year$200-225/yearRecharge
ARCGIS / Arc Info$200/year$200/yearRecharge
JMP - (NEW AND RENEW)$55-65/year$55-65/yearRecharge
JMP - (SERVER LIC)$100/year$100/yearRecharge
JMP (PRO)$55-80/year$55-80/yearRecharge
LABVIEW - IND. NEW AND RENEW$300-330/year$300-330/yearRecharge
LABVIEW - TEACH/INSTRUCTIONAL$275-300/year$275-300/yearRecharge
MATLAB - CLASSROOM $35/year$35/yearRecharge
MATLAB-STANDALONE NEW LIC$500/year$500/yearRecharge
MATLAB-STANDALONE RENEWAL$85/year$85/yearRecharge
MATLAB-TOOLBOX (NEW) $220/year$220/yearRecharge
MATLAB-TOOLBOX (RENEW) $60/year$60/yearRecharge
SAS (Desktop) ADMIN$130/year$130/yearRecharge
SAS (Server)$250-300/year$250-300/yearRecharge
SAS (T&R) $90-110/year $90-110/yearRecharge
SPSS - HOME USE $170/year $170/yearRecharge
SPSS NETWORK $170/year $170/yearRecharge
SPSS STANDALONE $170/year $170/yearRecharge

Classroom and Computer Equipment

OIT Classroom Technology Support offers a variety of equipment to fill your classroom and special event needs. Equipment is available for rent by academic units, administrative units, research units, and registered student groups.

Classroom and Computer Equipment Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Overhead Transparency Projector$7.00/day$7.00/dayRecharge
Video/Data Projector (VGA cable included for laptop use)$52.50/day$52.50/dayRecharge
Up to 70" x 70" portable tripod style screen$5.25/day$5.25/dayRecharge
8'x 8' portable tripod style screen$10.50/day$10.50/dayRecharge
Basic P.A.: 1 microphone, 1 mixer/amplifier (4 mic inputs), 2 speakers, 1/8" mini audio cable$21.00/day$21.00/dayRecharge
Microphones: Wired handled or lavalier style. 25' cable included$5.25/day$5.25/dayRecharge
Wireless Microphone: 1 handheld or bodypack transmitter w/ receiver$10.50/day$10.50/dayRecharge
4 Handheld Wireless Microphone System: 4 handheld transmitters w/ receiver$21.00/day$21.00/dayRecharge
Conference Microphone$5.25/day$5.25/dayRecharge
Digital Audio/Voice Recorder$7.50/day$7.50/dayRecharge
Mic Mixer - Monaural$7.50/day$7.50/dayRecharge
Amplifier - Monaural (Basic P.A. Amp)$10.50/day$10.50/dayRecharge
Speakers (pair) - Support stands and cables included$10.50/day$10.50/dayRecharge
Powered Speaker$10.50/day$10.50/dayRecharge
CD/Cassette combo player$10.00/day$10.00/dayRecharge
VHS/DVD Combo Player$10.50/day$10.50/dayRecharge
Camcorder (Uses standard VHS video tapes)$26.25/day$26.25/dayRecharge
Document Camera - Elmo P30 or equivalent$26.25/day$26.25/dayRecharge
Document Camera - Portable Elmo MO-1 or equivalent$17.00/day$17.00/dayRecharge
Folding Projector Stand$3.75/day$3.75/dayRecharge
Plastic Cart$3.75/day$3.75/dayRecharge
Additional A/C Cable (1 free with rental)$3.75/day$3.75/dayRecharge
Additional Microphone stand - boom or table stand$3.75/day$3.75/dayRecharge

Cluster Computing Service

The HPC service provides 'condominium' computing services to the campus.   Campus researchers can make use of small amounts of LinuxOS-based cluster computing services or purchase 'compute nodes' and storage for their research needs.  Along with purchasing compute nodes meeting HPC specifications there are installation prices paid to OIT via recharge.

Cluster Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Shared cluster (administration) $300/node/year; $65/year $300/node/year; $65/year MOU only
Dedicated rocks cluster (system system administration) $2,520/node/year; $300/hour $2,520/node/year; $300/hourMOU only
Hardware installation & configuration; programming support $65/hour $65/hourMOU only
Disk Space$100/Tb (one time)$100/Tb (one time)MOU only

EEE+Canvas for Self-supporting Graduate Programs

EEE+Canvas is a modern learning management system that includes a robust toolset, integration with campus authentication and data systems, plus opportunities to connect to a variety of supplemental services developed here on campus or by third party providers. There is no fee for EEE+Canvas use for undergraduate and most graduate-level courses. EEE+Canvas fees are applicable only to the campus's small number of self-supporting graduate programs.

More information about Canvas+EEE, Instructional Technology and Web Applications recharge. May be found at: http://sites.uci.edu/canvas/eee-web-applications-service-description/.

Canvas Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type

Database Administration

The OIT Database Team offers database administration hosting services to campus clients for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.   DBA Team services offered include managing and securing either a dedicated database server or one or more individual databases hosted on a DBA Team server.   We work to validate your database server after patching and offer encryption for confidential/PII data.

Database Administration Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
MySQL Hosting & Support*N/A$918/unit/monthMOU only
ORACLE Hosing & Support**N/A$2,174/unit/monthMOU only
SQL Server Hosting & Support**N/A $297/unit/monthMOU only

* MySQL price includes licensing fees.

** Oracle and SQL Server prices do not include licensing fees.


Data Center Co-Location and Backup 

OIT’s Data Center (OITDC) provides a suitable environment for housing modern computing equipment.  It houses OIT’s campus wide computing services as well as ‘co-located’ systems owned by campus units and research groups.  Its unique capabilities make it a resource for the entire-campus.

Data Center Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Co-Location: Rack mounted system hosting (full rack/40 U, no system support)$400/for 20 plus U/month$400/for 20 plus U/monthRecharge
Co-Location: OIT provided rack mounted system hosting (no system support) $11.25/U/month $11.62-11.99/U/monthRecharge
Network Backup$20/server/month + $0.39/GB/month$20/server/month + $0.05/GB/monthRecharge
Server services various $12.93/CPU/monthRecharge
Storage various $5.36/50GB/monthRecharge

Desktop Support Services

The OIT Desktop Support team is available to troubleshoot technical issues that cannot be resolved by the Help Desk. Additionally, we work behind the scenes to ensure that our clients have a stable, efficient computing environment.

Desktop Support Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Desktop support services- $47/pc/monthMOU only

Department Firewall Support

OIT offers campus units the opportunity to benefit from a locally attached, custom configured firewall. Such a firewall provides flexibility and additional security to departments that require more than the basic service provided by the campus firewalls.

Firewall Price List (Pending)

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Firewall department support $65/hour Rolled into full support optionRecharge
Initial consultation fee$750/one timeRolled into full support optionRecharge
Fee for multiple firewall sets $400/site Rolled into full support optionRecharge
Full support option monthly maintenance fee $160/installation/month $317/installation/monthRecharge
Fee for additional hours $80/installation Rolled into full support optionRecharge
Backup support option monthly maintenance fee $40/hour Rolled into full support optionRecharge
Fee for additional hours $65/hour Rolled into full support optionRecharge
CISCO Smartnet Maintenance Cost + 5% Cost + 5% Recharge

FileNet - Secure Electronic Document Management

FileNet is an enterprise content management system. Departments use FileNet to manage their documents, content and business processes.  It provides an efficient means to define your enterprise business processes and workflows. In addition, FileNet allows for the categorization of uploaded content such as a document or a file associated with particular metadata. FileNet offers record retention management, transactional content processing, document management, content consolidation, and compliance and governance. FileNet meets all Federal compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, SB-1386 etc.

FileNet Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
FileNet Storage$1.00/1 GB/month - up to 1 TB$1.00/1 GB/month - up to 1 TBRecharge
$0.50/1 GB/month - from 1 - 50 TB. (Discussion is needed for more than 50 TB)$0.50/1 GB/month - from 1 - 50 TB. (Discussion is needed for more than 50 TB)Recharge
FileNet LicenseOption 1: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) license = $38.45/user/year. Functionality includes interaction with scanned or uploaded documents, annotation, redaction, encryption, simple record retention. License negotiated with IBM via ESSO agreement by UCOP every 3 years.Option 1: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) license = $38.45/user/year. Functionality includes interaction with scanned or uploaded documents, annotation, redaction, encryption, simple record retention. License negotiated with IBM via ESSO agreement by UCOP every 3 years.Recharge
Option 2: ECM and Case Manager license - $131.69/user/year. License negotiated with IBM via ESSO agreement by UCOP every 3 years. Option 2: ECM and Case Manager license - $131.69/user/year. License negotiated with IBM via ESSO agreement by UCOP every 3 years. Recharge
For customizing/developing applications:$65/hour$65/hourRecharge

High Performance Computing

HPC is a ‘condominium’ high performance computational cluster and associated high performance storage system available to all UCI research groups, staff, and students.  It consists of equipment and software provided by the RCIC as well as individual research group contributions from HPC Partners.

High Performance Computing Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Disk Array Installation (one time fee)$1,225 $1,225 MOU only
HPC-Server/Node Installation (one time fee)$996$996MOU only
HPC Disk Cost$100/TB$100/TBMOU only

Network Projects & Installations

The Network, Project, and Technician areas work on projects in conjunction with campus support departments and campus affiliates related to existing office/building renovations, new building construction and network upgrades.  This OIT team works closely with campus departments and outside vendors/contractors in designing, planning, and coordinating internal OIT resources with configuring, designing, installing the network infrastructure, procuring network equipment, performing inspections, and providing cabling infrastructure scopes of work required for the expansion of telephone and network services, due to the renovations and/or new building construction.

Network Project Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Technician Installation Labor $80/hour $80/hour Recharge
Project Design & Planning$79/hour $79/hour Recharge
Network Design & Planning$99/hour $99/hour Recharge

800MHz Radio

The UC Irvine radio system provides cross communications between campus departments and also with other UC campuses if the need ever arises.

800MHz Radio Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Radio Maintenance$99/hr + 5% $104/hr + 5% Recharge
Radio Repair$13/month $16/monthRecharge

ServiceNow IT Service Management

ServiceNow is a service management system that creates a single system of record, automate manual tasks, standardize processes, provides issue tracking and allows for collaboration and task management. It offers real time visibility into the status of your services and historical data to track trends. ServiceNow’s toolset provides extensive and mature capabilities in the following areas:
  • Incident Management
  • Request Management
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Self Service

ServiceNow Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
ServiceNow - per hour- $86/hour MOU only
ServiceNow - per ITIL user license - $63/monthMOU only

Telephone Services

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides telecommunication services to UCI faculty and staff.

Telephone Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Local Calls (Zone 1 & Zone 2) 0 - 12 miles from UCI$0.0333 - 1st minute$0.0333 - 1st minuteRecharge
Local Toll Calls (Zone 3) 13 - 71 miles from UCI$0.0808 - 1st minute$0.0808 - 1st minuteRecharge
Intrastate (long distance within California, greater than 71 miles from UCI)$0.12/minute$0.12/minuteRecharge
Interstate (long distance outside California, but within United States)$0.17/minute$0.17/minuteRecharge
InternationalRates varyRates varyRecharge
Analog Single Line (with or without a phone set)$15/month$15/monthRecharge
Analog Single Line Extension (with or without a phone set)$4/month$4/monthRecharge
Digital Multi Line Telephone$22/month$22/monthRecharge
Mitel IP Multi Line Telephone (restricted to certain buildings)$20/month$20/monthRecharge
Cisco IP Multi Line Telephone (restricted to certain buildings) $20-32/month based on features$20-32/month based on features (being replaced with Mitel IP)Recharge
Additional Directory Number $16/month$16/monthRecharge
Automated Call Distributor Group $24/month + $16/month per agent$24/month + $16/month per agentRecharge
Authorization Code$2/month$2/monthRecharge
Feature Package 1$2/month$2/monthRecharge
Generic / Virtual Extension$10/month$10/monthRecharge
Voicemail - Announce Only Mailbox$12/month$12/monthRecharge
Establish Voicemail Service$20 $20Recharge
Telephone Technician Labor$80/hour$80/hourRecharge
Change Location - Same Building for Analog or Digital Line$54$54Recharge
Change Location - Different Building for Analog or Digital Line$80$80Recharge
Change Location for Mitel IP Line$80$80Recharge
Software Changes (1-3 for $10)$10/month$10/monthRecharge

UCInetID Services

Your UCInetID is your electronic identification used for many online services at the University of California, Irvine. There is no fee for most UCInetID use. Fees are applicable for UCInetID changes and Group UCInetIDs.

UCInetID Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
UCInet ID Change Request (Undergraduates) $25 each $25 each Recharge
UCInetID Change Request (Faculty, Staff, Grad Students - 2nd request)$25 each $25 each Recharge
UCInetID Continuation (Filing Fee Status)$25 each$25 each Recharge
Group UCInetID$5/month$5/monthRecharge

UNIX System Administration & Web Hosting

OIT provides fee based Linux and UNIX support via Enterprise Unix Services (EUS). This includes system administration and consulting services.

System Administration/Web Hosting Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
Basic System Administrationvarious $173/system/monthRecharge
Full System Administration various $288/system/monthRecharge
Hourly support various $84/hour Recharge
Shared Web Hosting $30/month $30/website/monthRecharge

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting provides a virtual server for departments with Web or application hosting needs. The service enables clients to operate a server on OIT’s enterprise infrastructure, with costs that are economical, fixed and predictable.

Virtual Server Hosting Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
1 core: 2GB ram; 50GB disk$25/month; $300/year$12.93/month; $155.15/yearRecharge
2 core; 4GB ram; 50GB disk$35/month; $420/year$25.86/month; $310/yearRecharge
Additional storage at 100GB$6.61/month; $79.32/year$6.11/month; $73.32/yearRecharge

Website Support & Management (WordPress)

The OIT WordPress team offers website support, maintenance, and administration using WordPress as a content management system.

WordPress Services Price List

Service2017/18 Rate2018/19 RateRate Type
WordPress- Support/administration/maintenance-$74/website/hourMOU only

Windows Services Group (Server Administration)

OIT offers Windows Server operating system management and administration as Platform as a Service (PaaS). This is a service intended for those who wish to leverage commodity services from OIT’s Enterprise Infrastructure teams.  This can also be bundled with OIT Data Center hosting services and/or database administration.

Windows Server Group Price List

Service2017/18 Rates2018/19 RatesRate Type
WSG-Platform service-hour- $77/hour MOU only
WSG-Platform service-unit- $34.21/server/monthMOU only

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